ZMC303/ ZMC304/ ZMC306/ ZMC308

>Motion control of up to 10 axes.

>Pulse output mode: direction-pulse or double pulse.

>Supports encoder position measurement can be configured to hand wheel Input mode.

>The maximum output pulse frequency of each axis can reach 8MHz.

>The extended isolation inputs or isolation outputs can reach 512 through Built-in CAN bus.

>Axis positive/negative signal/ original signal can be configured to any input.

>Supports high-current output, it can drive part of the solenoid valve directly.

>Built-in USB, RS232, RS485, Ethernet.

>Linear, spherical or helical interpolation of up to 12 axes.

>Electronic cams, gearboxes, encoder latch, synchronous Follow, virtual axis etc.

>Supports multi-file or multitask programming, PC programme and built-in Programme can run simultaneously.

>Various encryption programme to protect customers’ intellectual property.

>Supports various structures of robotic arms.

The EtherCAT Controllers From Zmotion-


>Performance of EtherCAT, price of pulse.

>Motion control of Up to 64 axes.

>EtherCAT have a fastest refresh cycle of 100 us.

>The extended isolation inputs or isolation outputs can reach 1024 through built-in CAN bus.

> The extended isolation inputs or isolation outputs can reach 4096 through built-in ECAT bus.

>The EtherCAT supports pulse output of 6 axes at most.

>Built-in axis port that enables encoder input or pulse output.

>Supports synchronous motion along with more than one device.

>Supports interpolation of up to16 axes, random spherical or helical Interpolation.

>Achieving closed loop control through bus protocol.

>Fetching present moment through bus Can be bound with the controller, PDO message date can be chosen freely.

>SDO operating for controller is available, making it convenient to read inner state of servo system.

>A simple wiring that only needs a netting twine connected to the drive.

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