trio mc 403

MC403/MC403-Z/ MC405


>Advanced 2 Axis Closed Loop Servo / 3 Axis Pulse Direction

>Linear, Circular, Helical and Spherical Interpolation

>Flexible CAM shapes, Linked Motion

>EnDAT and SSI Absolute Encoder Supported

>Hardware Linked Outputs for Camera / Laser Control

>Ethernet-IP / Modbus TCP / Ethernet Interface Built-In

>125 – 2000μsec Selectable Servo Update

>Precise 64 bit Motion Calculations on ARM11 Processor with VFP

>IEC 61131-3 Programming

>Multi-tasking BASIC Programming

>Text File Handling

>Robotic Transformations

>Micro SD Memory Card Slot

>CANopen I/O Expansion

>RoHS, UL and CE Approved

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