siemens v90 photo


>Can be run on 220V 50Hz, Single phase Input up to 750W.

>All in one: Positioning with pulse train set-point, internal positioning, Speed- and Torque control mode

>Built-in braking resistor to dissipate the regenerative power for fast ramp down

>The PC-tool “SINAMICS V-ASSISTANT” make the configuration and diagnostics quick and easy

>Advanced auto tuning

>USS/Modbus RTU or the product version with integrated PROFINET interface.

>SIMOTICS S-1FL6 (0.4 to 7kW / 1.27-33.4Nm)

>Rated speeds 2000 to 5000 rpm.

>Incremental encoder 2500ppr, Absolute encoder 20bit resolution+12bit multi-turn counter

>Plan shaft end, with/ without holding break

>Half key balanced , with/ without holding brake

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