We are dedicated to the improvement of manufacturing processes through intelligent application of motion and automation technology.

Motion Controller


We recognize that the manufacturing process involves imparting forces on raw materials. Identifying each of these forces and understanding them completely is the first step.


Each force is scrutinized so that optimum motion trajectories can be defined to provide elegant and efficient processing of raw materials. From these trajectories, component stresses and required torques and speeds are computed and appropriate drive and actuator technologies are selected.


No single action within a manufacturing system operates completely independent of other actions. Optimum performance requires precise coordination of all these actions.


Our prolonged success within a broad range of industries allows us a unique perspective on what differentiates a good design from the best design. After we have defined the optimum engineering solution, we determine how to best integrate robust, state-of-the-art technologies and manufacturing processes needed to implement that solution.

We have extensive experience in these and other related areas-

>Servo Control

>Multi axis

>Cammed motion

>Linear motion

>Pick and place motion



>Web tension/Draw control

>Mark Correction

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