Articulated Robot

Robotic Systems Integration We specializes in design and manufacture robotic and related automated systems for a variety of industries.Suit for small unit robot arm 6 axis arm 6 axis’s assembly to complete materials loading, dismounting, sorting and assembling in high speed and high accuracy.

Articulated Robot image


>High speed, high precision, low vibration, Space Saving. Reducing tasks time through agile movements, even 3 D movements can be performed with smooth precise trajectory control with high accuracy.

>Robots and integration of vision image processing can be done, it is simple device structure for many kinds of applications.

>Conveyor belt does not required to pause with cameras and sensors to identify parts on the conveyor belt, the robot can send for materials without stopping conveyor.


>Electrical and electronic:

Watches, printer parts, HDD, PC, PDA, game consoles, printed circuit board, measuring instruments, inspection equipment, gas detection, solar panels, IC tag inspection and packaging, diodes and other electronic parts assembly and inspection, the assembly of mobile phone parts inspection and packaging.

>Food, cosmetics, articles for daily use:

The box assembly of cosmetics, candy packaging, convenience food packaging, assembly of electric toothbrush.


Automobile parts assembly and inspection, the control box, mirror, clutch, lights, torches, fuel injector, vehicle driving guide.


Syringe packing, eye drops or other small goods container transfer, assembly of hearing AIDS, pacemaker battery assembly.

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